A Long Circle of Fifths (3/12)

Things take a bit of a left turn here. Something about Bb didn’t lend itself to hammering out sloppy blues on it for me. The result is more lyrical and haunting than what happened in C or F. I’m seeing my technical limitations quite a bit in this process, not to mention the degree to which my 113-year-old Heintzman upright is in need of a tune. But I’m finding lots of new stuff. It feels good.


A Long Circle of Fifths (2/12)

It’s been a couple of weeks – work on a couple of writing projects and a Fallout 3 addiction kept me from hitting the keys too hard – but I’m back with another brief blue improv. This one’s somewhat inspired by the stylings of Vancouver’s own The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, who I saw recently at the Biltmore. Great stuff. Lovers of the blues best be advised to get tickets to see their upcoming gig opening for the great Betty Lavette at the Vogue.

Anyway, here’s my humble contribution. Tune in next week (or two) and we’ll see how Bb is treating me.